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Inside the Camargue Regional Natural Park and adjoining the Crau plain, the Marais du Vigueirat extends over 1200 hectares which are part of the Coastal Conservatory. Fully protected, the natural heritage of the Marais du Vigueirat is recognized nationally and internationally, benefiting in particular from a classification as a National Nature Reserve.
It is also a core area of ​​the Camargue Biosphere Reserve.
The Marais du Vigueirat offer a great diversity of fauna and flora as well as an impressive mosaic of natural environments where you will find four herds of horses in adition to herds of bulls of the Camargue breed. Morucha bulls are bred here as well as sheep farming activity.
This trail on horseback gives you the opportunity to to discover the marshlands of Vigueirat in an easygoing, peaceful way.

Open from Ist of April to the 7th of November

For information or to make a reservation call 06 72 29 79 99 ou

1 hour ride

• 25 € per adult
• 23 € from 6 to 12 years old

A horseback ride of about 1 hour which invites you to discover the typical Carmargue environment. Traditions and contemporary art come together when you discover Cabanataù, a guardian’s hut surmounted by a huge bull’s head.
A small herd of mares roams the meadows and the marshland where the saladelle grows, the emblematic plant of the herdsman and his Camargue. This ride is accessible to all, an opportunity to share a convivial moment with the family.
We accept children from 6/7 years old who have experience of riding regularly on their own in an equestrian structure.

Why wait ? Reserve this horse ride right  away and come and explore the banks of the Vigueirat canal with your family or friends close to Arles, Mas Thibert, Port Saint Louis and he Salin de Giraud (accessible by Bac du Baccharin river crossing)

1h30 ride

• 32 € per adult
• 30 € from 8 to 12 years old

This tour 1h30 ride takes you into the heart of the highlands of the marshes, reserved for grazing. Here you will encounter our herd of mares accompanied by their foals of the year. Your guide Nathalie, a real enthusiast but also a breeder of Camargue horses, will introduce you to this local breed which is so emblematic of the region.

During the visit, you will also be able to observe a herd of Morucha bulls, absolutely unique in France.

A horseback ride that will adapt to the level of the riders to offer you an unforgettable experience !

2 hours ride

• 42 € per adult
• 40 € from 8 to 12 years old

A horseback ride in the heart of of the marshlands, we invite you to discover the landscapes, fauna and flora of the Camargue, but also to safely traverse a pasture enclosure dedicated to the breeding of Morucha breed bulls, the only breeding herd of this type of bull in France, here you will be given an introduction to the unique ethology of these annimals in the Camargue..

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, young or old, time will stand still for you as you contemplate the beauty of our landscapes. You will also benefit from  the informed  commentary of your expert guide.


06 72 29 79 99

Accueil des Marais du Vigueirat
chemin de l’Etourneau
13104 Mas Thibert

Opening times & Infos

• Our Horse rides are available every day from April to November
• Free Parking and picnic areas with marshland views
• Marshland visits, free walking trail, opens from sunrise

GPS co-ordinates

• Latitude 43°536292
• Longitude  4.753211

Safety of our riders and well-being of our horses

  1. We remind you that as a safety measure, the 3 circuits currently offered take place at walking pace. This makes it an ideal activity for most novices.
  2. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. We can provide approved helmets with hair nets for better hygiene.
  3. Dress is important. The top must be covered with at least a t-shirt . We strongly recommend wearing trousers and closed shoes.
  4. For obvious reasons, horseback riding is not recommended for pregnant women.
  5. For the well-being of our horses, the activity is regulated in terms of the weight carried. The limit is on average is 95kg.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for any additional information.

Les Marais du Vigueirat


Dans un cadre authentique au cœur du Parc Naturel Régional, loin des routes et des sentiers battus, découvrez une faune et une flore exceptionnelles à cheval ou à pied.
Les Marais du Vigueirat bénéficient de nombreuses mesures de classement et de protection, à l’échelle nationale et internationale.
Site naturel protégé de 1 200 hectares à la jonction de 2 écosystèmes remarquables que sont le delta du Rhône et la plaine steppique de la Crau, les Marais du Vigueirat constituent l’une des propriétés les plus remarquables du Conservatoire du littoral en Camargue.

On peut y découvrir une grande diversité floristique avec une mosaïque de milieux naturels humides, et l’on y recense plus de 2 000 espèces animales et végétales : plus de 300 espèces d’oiseaux ont été observées, dont toutes les espèces de hérons d’Europe, et jusqu’à 35 000 canards en hiver. 5 élevages de taureaux et chevaux de race Camargue pâturent à l’année sur le domaine.

Le patrimoine naturel des Marais du Vigueirat est reconnu à l’échelle nationale et internationale, bénéficiant notamment d’un classement en Réserve Naturelle Nationale, et constitue une zone centrale de la Réserve de Biosphère de Camargue.

Le site est ouvert au public afin de faire découvrir la nature et de sensibiliser le plus grand nombre à la sauvegarde de l’environnement.

Toute l’année, les Marais du Vigueirat se découvrent en visite libre sur les sentiers de l’Etourneau (parcours sur pilotis pour les familles) ou en visite guidée en calèche ou à pied. Pour les passionnés de nature et d’oiseaux, une randonnée de 5 km est proposée au cœur de la réserve naturelle, sur un parcours ponctué de différents observatoires de faune et tours d’observation.

The Maris du Vigueirat


In an authentic setting in the heart of the Regional Natural Park, far from the beaten track and main roads, discover the exceptional flora and fauna on horseback or on foot.
The Marais du Vigueirat benefits from numerous classification and protection measures, both nationally and internationally.
A protected natural site of 1,200 hectares at the junction of two remarkable ecosystems, the Rhône delta and the Crau plain, the Marais du Vigueirat is one of the most remarkable sites of the Coastal Conservatory in Camargue.

Here we find a great diversity of flora with a mosaic of natural wetlands.
There are more than 2,000 animal and plant species: more than 300 species of birds have been observed, including all the species of herons of Europe, along with up to 35,000 ducks in winter. Five breeding herds of  Camargue bulls  and Carmargue horses graze year-round on the estate.

The natural heritage of the Marais du Vigueirat is recognized nationally and internationally, benefiting in particular from a classification as a National Nature Reserve, and constitutes a central zone of the Camargue Biosphere Reserve.

The site is open to the public to allow them to discover this exceptional natural environment and to promote environmental protection in general.

All year round, the Marais du Vigueirat can be discovered on a self-guided tour on the Etourneau trails ( on stilted piers for families) or on a guided tour by horse-drawn carriage, or on foot.

For nature and bird enthusiasts, a 5 km hike is offered in the heart of the nature reserve, on a route featuring  various wildlife observatories and observation towers.