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Our horse rides are adapted to all levels of riding competence.

Inside the Carmargue National Park located on the Rhone delta, the Paliassade Domain extends over 702 hectares.

Situated near the estuary of the Rhone in the flood plains it is one of the last remaining areas that show how the delta was before being dammed. Here the sea and the land have formed a mosaic of landscapes, which host a rich diversity of animal and plant life.

Open from the 1st of April to the 7th of November

For information or to make a reservation call 06 72 29 79 99 ou

1h ride

30 € per person

A circuit of one hour along the banks of the Rhone river, by way of the wetland trails, our guide will lead the way and give you the confidence to follow. In an idylic setting come and discover some extraordinary river veiws. This is a wonderful initiation which is accessible to novice riders from 7 years old upwards.

2h ride

50 € per person

This is an opportunity for you, at walking pace on your Carmargue horse, to traverse a mosaic of stunning landscaoes. This is a visit that you will never tire of, you will discover the ‘sansouines’, the marshlands and the fields of rushes, the lagunes and the ‘montilles’.

Our guides will be more than happy to share with you their expert knowledge about the wildlife and the diversity of plants in this amazing place, and also to explain to you some of cultural traditions of our work as gardians (Manadiers).

3h ride

70 € par personne

For experienced riders only (involves galloping, ask for advice when reserving). After having crossed the Domain and it’s amazing landscapes along the banks of the river Rhone, you can acheive your dream. Behind the dunes the beach awaits you. A chance for a few magnificent gallops under the supervision of our trained guides. A timeless ride making for unforgettable memories.


06 72 29 79 99

Accueil du Domaine de la Palissade
36 chemin départemental
Route de la plage
13129 Salin de Giraud


• Free Parking and picnic areas
• Reception area with an information desk and a dedicated boutique
• Trekking routes for hikers, canoeing on the great Rhone river

GPS co-ordinates

• Latitude 43.376238
• Longitude  4.8100102

Security for our riders and well_being for our horses

• We remind you that our circuits of 1 to 2 hours are at walking pacxe. This makes this actovity ideal for novices.
• The 3 hour ride is for experienced riders (level 5 gallop), our guides reserve the right to refuse riders who do not have the required level of competence in the interests  of security.
• Riding Helmets are obligatory : We have certified helmets and hair nets are available.
• Dress is important : Tops must be worn (minimum T shirt). We strongly recommend wearing trousers (long pants) and closed shoes.
• For obvious reasons horseriding is not possible for pregnant women
• For the well-beng of the horses this activity is weigh restricted . the maximum weight limit for riders is around 95kilos.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for any additional information.

The Palissade Domain

A site of exceptional natural beauty…

The Pallisade Domain is a conserved natural habitat belonging to the Conservatoire du Littoral (coastal conservatory).It has been mantained by the Parc Naturel Régional of the Carmargue since 2014.

This very special place belongs to a rare and threatened group of territories, the Wetlands of the Mediterranean.  Her we have an undefined area stretching out from the estuary of the great Rhone river.Here The Rhone is constantly reshaping the contours.

The Domain covers a small delta of 702 hectares and offers up a great diversity of vistas worthy of a loandscape painter.  The delta was not dammed up here like the rest of the Carmargue was at the end of the  nineteenth century. The site is therefore free to evolve at it’s natural pace, to flood and to drain, with freshwater or seawater. It is a living witness that enbles us to study the formation of the delta and to anticipate it’s future development.

It is here the sea begins and the land ends, or the other way round, somewhere at the world’s end.

Come and discover this unique place. We believe that the best protection begins with sharing so the Domain is a very welcoming place for visitors, you will find a reception area with an information desk and a dedicated boutique, a sheltered picnic area and parking in the shade.
• Choice of trekking routes for hikers (with or without a guide) info and reservations : 0442868126 http//
• Canoeing on the great Rhone river with Manu :info and reservations 0673112899 http//
• Discovery trails on horseback with Nathalie info and resevations 0672297999